Use Drop That Knowledge to PUBLISH youth-produced content!

For more than a year, I’ve been collaborating with Dawn Williams, veteran public school teacher and current UC Berkeley doctoral candidate, on the Teach Youth Radio project. That’s where we offer monthly curriculum resources designed to encourage educators (inside and outside of school) to integrate youth-produced content into their practice. We’ve had great response from educators across the world–as well as calls for more concrete tools for teaching young people to make their own media–hence many of the posts offered here categorized under “media production practice.”

Now, we’re dreaming up more ways to turn this site into a real interactive resource for educators. So here’s an idea… For homework, why not ask the young people you work with to “Drop That Knowledge” (i.e., participate in our blog)! You might invite/assign them to:

1. Comment on a Drop That Knowledge post


2. Use the blog to share their analysis of a Youth Radio story (so that others can access and learn from their comments)


3. Use the blog to publish collections of scripts your students have produced. That way, you, their peers, and a wider public can come to know their stories, and Youth Radio producers can check out what young people have to say from where you are. We’re always looking for strong material to offer/share through our varied broadcast and online outlets.

If there’s any way we can make this space more useful for you and the young people you work with, please let us know!

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